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Stock and Securities Gifting Opportunity

Run For Education 2015 Results

Comet Chase was a Huge Success

Thank you to everyone for raising $36,987 during our annual Fun Run, Comet Chase.

Comet Chase Logo No Date.jpg

At our Comet Chase Awards Assembly, the following students, classes and teachers were recognized:

Top Fundraisers for the whole school:

  • William B.     $800.00     (Cowan)
  • Morgan H.     $700.00     (Goh)
  • James H.     $700.00     (Brown)

Top Fundraisers by grade:

Kindergarten James H.  $700.00 Brown
Kindergarten Ryan K.  $681.00 Nehse
Kindergarten Colin E.  $500.00 Rhoton
Kindergarten Ava L.  $500.00 Rhoton
1st Grade Dylan E.  $500.00 Viera
1st Grade Stella W.  $400.00 Matthews
1st Grade Giancarlo H.  $350.00 Miyamoto
2nd Grade Aryan B.  $255.00 Yetman
2nd Grade Allyson L.  $255.00 Rooks
2nd Grade Quentin J.  $240.00 Rooks
3rd Grade Morgan H.  $700.00 Goh
3rd Grade Addison P.  $285.00 Wimmer
3rd Grade Madison K.  $200.00 Wimmer
4th Grade William B.  $800.00 Cowan
4th Grade Isabella K.  $350.00 Auby
4th Grade Genesee Q.  $270.00 Spatcher
5th Grade Kendal S.  $200.00 Loya
5th Grade Gianna R.  $145.00 Harter
5th Grade Matthew S.  $100.00 Thompson
5th Grade Peter Z.  $100.00 Alexander
5th Grade Maile M.  $100.00 Alexander
5th Grade Cate P.  $100.00 Loya

Top Fundraising Classes for each grade:

  • Kindergarten - Rhoton
  • 1st - Romano-Ramsey
  • 2nd - Rooks
  • 3rd - Goh
  • 4th - Cowan
  • 5th - Alexander

Spirit Trophy Winner: Mr. Baltazar's 4th Grade Class

Top Lap Runners for the whole school:

  • Boys    Keon L.   28 laps    (Mahoney)
  • Girls   Mackenzie M.    26 laps   (Harter)


  • A. Smith    28 laps    Vocal Music
  • J. Baltazar     25 laps    4th Grade
  • C. Regalia    19 laps    Kindergarten

Top Lap Runners by grade:

Kindergarten 1st Boys James H. 20 Brown
Kindergarten 1st Boys Noe M. 20 Rhoton
Kindergarten 3rd Boys Owen M. 19 Rhoton
Kindergarten 1st Girls Emma R. 18 Rhoton
Kindergarten 2nd Girls Avery B. 17 Brown
Kindergarten 3rd Girls Keira M. 16 Nehse
Kindergarten 3rd Girls Natalie S. 16 Rhoton
Kindergarten 3rd Girls Audrey T. 16 Brown
Kindergarten 3rd Girls Ava V. 16 Nehse
1st Grade 1st Boys Elijah W. 25 Vieira
1st Grade 2nd Boys Bryce N. 20 Miyamoto
1st Grade 2nd Boys Joshua S. 20 Ramsey
1st Grade 2nd Boys Charles W. 20 Miyamoto
1st Grade 2nd Boys Zi Han Z. 20 Miyamoto
1st Grade 1st Girls Lauren H. 17 Miyamoto
1st Grade 2nd Girls Amanda H. 16 Vieira
1st Grade 2nd Girls Crystal H. 16 Ramsey
1st Grade 2nd Girls Mia M. 16 Miyamoto
2nd Grade 1st Boys Paolo C. 24 Yetman
2nd Grade 2nd Boys Aryan B. 21 Yetman
2nd Grade 2nd Boys Alexander J. 21 Walsh
2nd Grade 1st Girls Kate F. 23 Reiger
2nd Grade 2nd Girls Ella A. 19 Yetman
2nd Grade 2nd Girls Emi E. 19 Rooks
3rd Grade 1st Boys Keon L. 28 Mahoney
3rd Grade 2nd Boys Brady M. 24 Goh
3rd Grade 3rd Boys Tomo A. 23 Manning
3rd Grade 1st Girls Sophia C. 23 Brogna/Kirby
3rd Grade 2nd Girls Alexa L. 22 Mahoney
3rd Grade 2nd Girls Avery M. 22 Brogna/Kirby
4th Grade 1st Boys Jonathan K. 25 Lane
4th Grade 2nd Boys Shorans V. 24 Harter
4th Grade 2nd Boys Gabriel C. 24 Spatcher
4th Grade 1st Girls Olivia K. 23 Auby
4th Grade 1st Girls Isabella P. 23 Spatcher
4th Grade 3rd Girls Elizabeth Y. 22 Spatcher
5th Grade 1st Boys Gannon S. 26 Alexander
5th Grade 2nd Boys Jacob C. 25 Thompson
5th Grade 2nd Boys Cody H. 25 Dodson
5th Grade 2nd Boys Issac P. 25 Loya
5th Grade 1st Girls Mackenzie M. 26 Harter
5th Grade 2nd Girls Jesse S. 25 Thompson
5th Grade 2nd Girls Sofia W. 25 Thompson

Dedicated to Educating the Whole Child

Dedicated to Educating the Whole Child


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Fundraising Goal and Progress for 2015-2016

Update 22-Oct 2015.jpg

As reported at October 22, 2015, Board & Parent Meeting.  Includes Registration, Comet Chase & Matched Funds donations.



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Creekside Comet Education Fund is an affiliate of the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation.  For more information, visit

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